Mickey Thompson 247896 37inX12R17 Light Truck Premium Extreme Mud-Terrain Tire

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  • Size: 37X12.50R17

Service Desc: 124Q

Measured Rim Width: 10.0 (8.0-11.0)

Max Load/Max infl: 3,525 lbs @50 psi.

O.D. IN.: 36.8

Select Width IN: 13.0

Tread Width IN: 10.2

Tread Depth 32NDS: 22.0

Approx Weight Lbs: 79

Tread Wear Warranty: 60000 Miles

Material Warranty: Prorated

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss MT Tires 247896


  • Asymmetrical tread pattern reduces noise, improves handling and ride 
  • Extra large four-pitch Sidebiters for unparalleled off-road traction 
  • Powerply™ XD adds 50% heavier denier cord to the angled third ply providing better puncture resistance, quicker steering response and greater stability 
  • Stone ejector ribs prevent gravel from being wedged into tread grooves 
  • Silica-reinforced compound for better wear, cut and chip resistance, improved wet handling and braking 
  • Sizes from 15-24 inch wheel diameters for a variety of leveled and lifted vehicles 
  • Several sizes with increased load carrying capacity, including load range F 
  • Select flotation sizes with reduced loads for lighter duty pickups, SUVs and Jeeps


The Baja Boss M/T is Mickey Thompson’s definitive premium mud terrain featuring a cutting-edge asymmetrical tread pattern optimized for reduced noise, off-road traction, and on-road handling; extreme Sidebiters for off-road traction and protection; Powerply™ XD 3-Ply construction for sidewall puncture resistance and handling; and silica-reinforced compound for on-road tread wear, wet performance, and durability. Winner of the 2023 King of the Hammers Every Man challenge, the Baja Boss M/T is competition-proven to provide the ultimate off-road experience with premium on-road handling.

This tire offers exceptional mud terrain performance, as the aggressive asymmetric tread block placement boosts its off-road drive. Soft, loose, and uneven terrain traction is offered with this model. These elements guarantee the tire’s consistent forward motion, boosting its driving safety. Additionally, the high void ratio prevents mud and snow from blocking surface contact. This is achieved as they are not stuck between the tread elements, further improving performance. The tread design and the silica-enhanced compound keep the tire pliable throughout the year, boosting dry, wet, and winter grip.

The self-cleaning tread design, the silica compound, and the special Powerply XD technology work together in order to improve the model’s usability. They protect the tire against tread and casing damage. Optimized stone ejector ribs eliminate mud and snow stuck between the tread elements before they can still into the tread and damage the casing. The silica-reinforced compound blend protects the tread area against chipping, cracking, and tearing. Additionally, the Powerply XD technology utilizes heavier angled cords, resisting punctures, cuts, and impact damage. These upgrades lengthen the service life.

The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T features a stable footprint and a strengthened internal structure, which work together in order to optimize its heavy-duty controllability. The tread design’s surface contact upgrades steering responsiveness and driving stability, ensuring the driver’s control over the vehicle at all times. On the other hand, the construction keeps the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure, optimizing its overall load capacity.

The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

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