Mickey Thompson 247466 33inX12R22 Light Truck Premium Extreme Hybrid All-Terrain Tire

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  • Weight: 67.44 lbs
  • Load (Lbs.): 2600 @ 80 PSI

Overall Actual Diameter: 33"

Overall Actual Width: 12"

Approved Rim Width: 10"

Tread Ply: 12

Tread Depth (1/32): 18.5"

Load (Lbs.): 2600 @ 80 PSI

Sidewall: Black

Weight: 67.44 lbs

Tread Wear Warranty: 60000 Miles

Material Warranty: Prorated

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tires 247466


  • Asymmetrical tread pattern is optimized for reduced noise, all-weather performance, off-road traction, and on-road handling 
  • Extreme Sidebiters® for a bold look, extreme off-road traction, and protection 
  • Powerply™ XD adds 50% heavier denier cord to the angled third ply providing better puncture resistance, quicker steering response, and greater stability (LT-Sizes Only) 
  • Silica-Reinforced Compound for on-road tread wear, cut and chip resistance, and improved wet handling and braking performance 
  • 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on LT sizes, 60,000-mile treadwear warranty on all other sizes instills confidence that the Baja Boss® A/T is built to last 
  • Severe Snow Service Rated with the 3PMS Symbol certifies that all sizes 12.50 (315) and narrower are severe snow rated
  • All terrain traction 
  • Longer-lasting tread life 
  • Comfortable performance 
  • Enhanced controllability


The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks and SUVs. Mickey Thompson offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with light truck sizes and a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty with SUV sizes of this model.

The tire offers excellent on- and off-road performance. The asymmetric tread pattern promotes the tire's traction on various road and terrain surfaces. The aggressive tread design firmly grips the surface and boosts the model's soft, loose, and uneven terrain performance. This upgrades the performance. The aggressive tread design also maintains consistent forward motion and keeps the footprint clean on off-road terrain surfaces.

The tire's tread design and durable construction guarantee great controllability. The tread design closely follows road and terrain surfaces. This boost the tire's steering response time and accuracy to the driver's commands, while the structure is secured against driving pressure. The stronger internal structure keeps the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. This construction resists the deformation of the tire's shape, which enables the tire to securely perform under the pressure, even on versatile terrains.

The model provides a lengthened tread life. The aggressive tread design manages to evenly distribute driving pressure along the tread area. The forces of acceleration, cornering and braking on off-road terrain surfaces are equally circulated on the tire's surface, which actively prevents irregular wear. The special compound slows the treadwear rate down, which protects the tire against premature wear formations. The durable compound also guards the tire against punctures and cuts during its off-road performance. As a result, the model promotes longer-lasting usability.

The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T guarantees a quiet and comfortable driving experience. The aggressive tread design and the durable compound reduce road and tread noise levels heard in the vehicle's cabin. The reduced road noise levels significantly boost the driver's enjoyable performance and promote a quiet drive.

Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold, the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.

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