Our story

  • May 2013

    How we started

    Eric and River have known each other since 2013 and have become best friends since then. Eric started selling HD offroad truck accessories in 2016 and fell in love with offroading.
  • August 2019

    Overlanding seed

    One time, Eric and River drove out of town for a 3-day camping trip to a beautiful national park in Texas. Since then, they fell in love with traveling, driving, and enjoying life in nature. The world of overlanding planted a seed in both their minds, even though they didn't know what word to use to express their passion.
  • Jan 2023


    In 2023, they stumbled upon the overlanding community and realized that it was exactly what they had been looking for. It felt like a natural fit, and they wanted to a part of it. However, as River learned more about overlanding, he realized that it wasn't a beginner-friendly hobby. There were so many not-worth-it products; Many store were run by people who didn't truly care about overlanding. This realization led River to reach out to Eric, and together, they founded Whirring4x4 - overlanding gears and parts.

why choose us?

Passion Driven

At the heart of our business is our genuine passion. As fellow drivers, 4x4 owners, and dedicated overlanding enthusiasts, we're not just here to sell; we're here to enhance and share in your adventures.

  • Mission & Purpose

    Our mission and purpose are straight, and we've established FIVE specific milestones to guide our journey:
  • milestone no.1

    Self-sponsor to build our first dream overlanding Ford Bronco
  • milestonre no.2

    Connect with more people in the overlanding community, forging lasting relationships on our journey
  • milestonre no.3

    Build Whirring4x4 as a welcoming, approachable, and budget-friendly one-stop destination, offering a personalized experience for passionate overlanding enthusiasts
  • milestonre no.4

    Innovate and develop more affordable and practical products that cater to the needs of our community
  • milestonre no.5

    Start a movement that motivates individuals to explore deeper and savor the simple joys of life in nature through extended drives

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